Rottweiler puppies

Rottweiler puppies - active litters

We are giving our best to have adult male and female combinations that will give top quality litters and healthy puppies. Our rottweiler puppies, as well as our other breeds, are professionally nurtured with maximum attention from time they are born till finding their new home. When taking puppy from our kennel, you are getting puppy that is vaccinated, re-vaccinated, dewormed several times and socialized. All rottweiler puppies have official FCI pedigree, microchip, passport, rabies vaccination and medical record with vaccination info. In this and upcoming years our plans include two to three litters per year, and at the moment we have puppies from following litters available:

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rottweiler puppies e litter profile
2021 / 3 females available
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Rottweiler reservation

If you are interested in getting rottweiler puppy from Black Summit kennel, fill in the form and we will notify you when new litter is close. We will contact you and provide with all information needed without any commitments.

    Rottweiler puppies - former litters

    You are free to check our previous litters and images of related rottweiler puppies in different age periods. Every page dedicated to litter also contains information about vaccination dates, images of parents and their pedigree.
    rottweiler puppies m litter
    2016 / 3 males & 2 females
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    rottweiler puppies a litter
    2016 / 6 males & 3 females
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    rottweiler puppies n litter
    2017 / 2 males & 2 females
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    rottweiler puppies l litter
    2016 / 4 males & 2 females
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    rottweiler puppies d litter
    2019 / 4 males & 5 females
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    rottweiler puppies b litter
    2019 / 5 males & 4 females
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    rottweiler puppies c litter profile
    2020 / sold out
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