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Black Summit kennel is focused on responsible breeding of Rottweiler and Belgian Malinois dogs and puppies. Following section represents our current litters and puppies, while on our website you can check all our previous litters.
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2020 / 1 female available
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2019 / sold out
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If you are interested in getting puppy from Black Summit kennel, fill in the form and we will notify you when new litter is close. All you have to do is choose the breed you are interested in and leave your contact data and we will contact you and provide with all information needed.


About Black Summit kennel

What you can expect from us is to use all of our experience and expertise to provide the quality breeding and nurture for all our dogs, in order to develop their physical characteristics and character they are known for. We form an honest and open relationship with our clients, and stand at their disposal for any dilemmas or questions, and for anything else that they might come to need.
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Dog breeds - Black Summit

Choosing a dog and dog breed is really difficult. After several different breeds in our kennel, we have decided for raising rottweilers and belgian malinois, while bullmastiff breed is something new in our kennel.

Rottweiler is one of the oldest dog breeds, and first data about the breed reaches to the ancient Rome. Rottweiler dog breed is reason why Black Summit kennel exits. We have acquired first dog of this breed in 1992. and we didn't regret for a moment. At the moment in our kennel we are taking care of 3 female rottweilers

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Belgian Malinois

Malinois is one of four varieties of Belgian shepherd dog, short-haired variety. Belgian Malinois breed was introduced in our kennel after it was officially registered in FCI and is second race we are breeding next to rottweilers. At the moment, we own two female malinois and our plan is to introduce one more female and one more male.

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Origin of bullmastiff breed is England. They are bred as guards of large fields and properties. In 2016. after long thinking, our family decided to get a pet, but we wanted a breed that we don't own already. Our choose was male bullmastiff. Our plans related to bullmastiff breed are importing one quality female dog with totally different bloodlines and creating breeding couple

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