About us

Black Summit is a dog kennel that has for years successfully bred dogs of different breeds. Our work is founded on openness, professionality, honesty, and approachability. We have cooperated with clients from all parts of the country and from abroad, as well as with members of the army and the police, and we stand at the disposal of our clients for all dilemmas and questions, whether regarding pups, adult dogs, or breed characteristics.

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Our dogs

For all the dogs at our kennel we care for as for our family dogs, providing all the nurture they need. Our pups are expertly nurtured and bred in excellent conditions, and you can visit our kennel at any time to take a look for yourself.

All breeds kennel

We’ve been breeding Rottweilers for many years, and, after formally registering the kennel, we’ve also introduced other breeds – Dobermanns, Bullmastiffs, Bull Terriers, as well as Malinois.


Bull Terrier




Litters for Sale