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Rottweilers for families

We produce rottweiler puppies for

Puppies for families looking for a pet

Our main aim is to raise Rottweiler puppies that fit perfectly into family life. Rottweilers are known for their loyalty and love, making them an ideal choice for families. With care, love, and being around kids, they quickly become your devoted and affectionate protectors.

Puppies for competitions and work

If you have a competitive spirit and wish to participate in beauty or working competitions with your dog, you can find a suitable puppy in our litters. We conduct careful breeding selection that takes into account both the competitive character and the champion lines of the dogs.

Puppies for those who are entering rottweiler breeding

If you’re considering stepping into the world of breeding and creating your own lines, we’re here to support you. When we choose male dogs for breeding, we also plan to keep a puppy ourselves to continue building our lines. This way, we make sure that every litter carries the best breeding qualities.

Puppies with basic obedience and socialization

Whether you’re taking a puppy to be your new family member, participate in exhibitions, or embarking on puppy breeding, basic training and socialization are advisable. In collaboration with a trainer from our hometown, your puppy can undergo one, which will lay the foundation for further work.

Active litters

Raising Rottweilers is a process that demands a lot of patience, dedication, and knowledge about this wonderful breed. At Black Summit Rottweiler Kennel, we strive to provide the best care and training to each Rottweiler puppy, enabling them to develop into healthy and strong dogs.

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We are here to address all your inquiries and provide you with support in raising your beloved pet. We are confident that your Rottweiler will become a wonderful, healthy, and obedient dog if you provide it with plenty of love and attention, with our assistance.

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We provide special attention to

Physical characteristics of dogs

Our standard and type of Rottweiler represent a blend of quality in three main areas: genetics and health, body and movement, head and muzzle. We give our best that our dogs, the dogs we choose for breeding, as well as the puppies we retain for further lineage development, to excel in all three categories.

Temperament of dogs

We strive to ensure that our selection doesn’t overlook the Rottweiler’s temperament, which should be playful, always responsive to balls and other objects, ever-ready for activity, with a quick grasp of commands.

Breeding conditions

Just like in other areas, we consistently work on improving breeding conditions. Elements such as daily activities, nutrition, whelping facilities are never ending tasks where there is always room for progress.

Our kennel

It all began back in 1992 when my wife and I welcomed our first Rottweiler. After a few litters, due to unforeseen circumstances, we took a break from breeding.

After being in stand-by mode for couple of years, our sons, now grown, joined the breeding efforts. They took charge of our brand, marketing, customer communication, and logistics.

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Rottweilers have been an integral part of our family for the past 30 years. With decades of experience in breeding these wonderful dogs, we take special care in selecting puppy parents to ensure the health and temperament of future litters.

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