About us

Our kennel is a product of a certain affection and love towards dogs that developed over a long stretch of time. I can’t say when and how exactly it all started, but I remember I liked animals when I was in high school. That’s probably one of the reasons I chose and went to an agricultural high school, and why I’ve been engaged in animal husbandry for several decades now.


I’ve served the army in Slovenia, in Novo Mesto, as a dog handler in an artillery unit. Of course, after the army, I just had to have a dog. My wife Danijela and I bought our first family dog, a Rottweiler named Ula, in 1991., from the money we got at our wedding. The first pups came the next year. In those years we started thinking about starting a kennel, but then the whole nineties chaos erupted, and life went some other way. We still had our family dogs, but there was no thought about forming a kennel.

Things started to change in 2007., when our sons, Uros and Veljko, had grown up a little. We bought a new dog, a Rottweiler Bero, and soon after another, Astra, who gave us pups, and things started to develop. Our sons started to get interested and to get engaged more and more, and after a few years, we started breeding other breeds – Bullmastiffs, Malinois Belgian shepherds, and Dobermanns.

First litter

The fresh start

At the end of 2015., Uros and Veljko convinced us to formally register our kennel in the international register. Furthermore, we’ve modernized the way our kennel operates, and we’ve redesigned our Facebook page, opened Instagram page, and made an official website.

What you can expect from us is to use all of our experience and expertise to provide the quality breeding and nurture for all our dogs, in order to develop their physical characteristics and character they are known for. We form an honest and open relationship with our clients, and stand at their disposal for any dilemmas or questions, and for anything else that they might come to need.

Dragan Milanovic