Rottweiler dogs at our kennel

Rottweiler is one of the oldest dog breeds, and first data about the breed reaches to the ancient Rome. What defines rottweiler as dog breed is their guarding instinct, they are part of working dogs group, and for a long time were service dogs for police and army. You can often find them as guards of large warehouses or office areas. Thing that is also characteristic of rottweiler, and that is most important, is their family loyalty and great relationship with children. At the mention of this breed, there is image of big family house with grass, children kicking the ball and dog chasing for it, long walks where rottweiler is following you up, guarding on you, and a lot of others but point is, rottweiler is must have for one family.

Rottweiler dog breed is reason why Black Summit kennel exits. We have acquired first dog of this breed in 1992 (you can read more on this in page) and we didn’t regret for a moment. After taking a short break and fresh start of dog breeding, we are giving our best and carefully chose dogs, lines and breeding so we could retain best physical attributes and character of rottweiler breed. At the moment in our kennel we are taking care of 3 female rottweilers and our plans are to keep one more from upcoming litters.

Rottweiler puppies

Our efforts are oriented toward finding and making only best combinations of adult males and females, so we could get genetically healthy litters and puppies. On our website, at any moment you can check if there are available rottweiler puppies for sale, find out upcoming litters, or check images and information of previous ones.
Rottweiler puppies

Some of our best rottweilers

Before official registration of our kennel in FCI, and after that moment as well, we had several really great examples of female rottweilers, that found their homes in other countries or continents.
Sold to: Brazil
Sold to: Vom Hause Demo
Sold to: Von Haus Special Bullys

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