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Bullmastiff dogs at our kennel

Origin of bullmastiff breed is England. They are bred as guards of large fields and properties. They are recognized by their massive musculature and body, as well as distrust toward unknown persons. Bullmastiff barks rarely, which is not disadvantage as it frightens on first site with its massive look. Dogs of this breed won’t enter into conflict unless their is need for it. Energy lacks a little bit among dogs of this breed, it doesn’t fit so well with other male dogs, but it will be great company and protection to family as well as female dogs, especially one that he is with since they were puppy. They don’t enjoy in hot weather while winter is something that is not problem at all for them. Bullmastiff has short hair that is lignating during summer period and the thing that you can’t avoid with this breed is – drooling.

After long thinking our family decided to get a pet, but we wanted a breed that we don’t own already. Our choose was male bullmastiff, that we took from Emanuilbull kennel located in Serbia. He was 3 months old at the moment we took him. Since entering our yard, it was clear that choice was right. Any one who saw our Gladiator Emanuilbull has fallen in love with him at first sight. Cuddling is something that he enjoys more than his dinners and we can’t imagine our day without him and look of his eyes.

7 years 2 months
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Bullmastiff mating

Our plans related to bullmastiff breed are importing one quality female dog with totally different bloodlines and creating breeding couple that will be adorable and promote them through dog shows. Meanwhile, Gladiator that has titles of Young Champion of Serbia, Best of Breed and two national titles is available for mating and you can contact us anytime.

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