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Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois at our kennel

Malinois is one of four varieties of Belgian shepherd dog. It is short-haired variety that by it’s hair color is similar to german shepherd so people often mix dogs of this breed. What differs it is slimmer body, higher ridge and more agility. That physical characteristics of Belgian Malinois are the reason why more and more this breed is used by the police and army, American marines and anti-poacing guards in Affrica. Hair color can vary from light to dark. Belgian Malinois dogs are very intelligent, have huge amount of energy in their body, they are always in the move, running or jumping. It is advise to keep them in big yards, and if there is possibility, take them out at open space fields where they could release their energy.

Belgian Malinois breed was introduced in our kennel after it was officially registered in FCI and is second race we are breeding next to Rottweilers. Our experience is very positive as Belgian Malinois are also attached to the family and they like to be next to its owner. No matter what are you doing, for example fixing something in your yard or working on something in your workshop, Belgian Malinois will be next to you and be your company. They have good genetic, they don’t disease easily, so they are really grateful for breeding and keeping. At the moment, we own two female Malinois and our plan is to introduce one more female and one more male.

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Malinois puppies

For now we own Dutch working lines and we are working on unique combinations and raise quality puppies that will grow to healthy working or family dogs. At any moment on our website you can check if there are available Belgian Malinois puppies, get informed on future litters or reserve one. Also you can check our previous litters or adult dogs and introduce breed to yourself better.
Malinois puppies

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